The Free Painters and Sculptors Open Exhibition 2014
The Free Painters and Sculptors
Monday 1 - Saturday 13 December

The FPS Open is an annual event that brings FPS members and guest artists together to create an exciting and inclusive exhibition of the UK's best new and established artists. The event is open to fine artists at any stage of their career and there is no restriction of concept, style or material.

This year will again feature the coveted Roy Rasmussen Award for best in show, although this year it will be particularly poignant as Roy, an original founding member who was integral to the success and longevity of FPS, sadly passed away in May, aged 94.

To honour the occasion we will feature a retrospective display of his works as part of the exhibition that will illustrate the truly unique and pioneering talents of the internationally renowned sculptor.

Friday Lates until 8pm
Michael Harford-Cross
Monday 15 - Saturday 20 December

Ground Floor Gallery

A Celebration in Portraits of Talented Young Women.

The exhibition consists of a series of over 25 portraits of young women who are at the top of their fields of interest. They all combine skill and enthusiasm with charm and intelligence. They come from diverse cultural and social backgrounds and from different parts of the world, reflecting the multicultural nature of London today.

The first portrait in the series is of a doctor whom the artist had the privilege to train when she was a medical student. As he met more and more talented young people on his return to London he felt the need to paint a series that would reflect the dedication they showed in their work and lives.


This is a small collection of diverse paintings reflecting the artist’s interests in a variety of artistic themes.

Friday Lates until 8pm
Image: © Michael Harford-Cross
In The Raw
Francisco J. Jimenez
Friday 9 - Saturday 17 January

Francisco J. Jimenez was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain). He moved with his family to Madrid, where he made his first forays into colour and was absorbed by the great world of painting. He has exhibited in Madrid and currently lives and exhibits his work in London. His 5th solo exhibition; `In the Raw' will explore the beauty of nudity. Stripped bare with no interruptions or obstructions, his oil paintings reflect the purity of the human body. Francisco has been influenced by a broad range of artists such as Tŕpies and Lucian Freud and found inspiration in the painting traditions of Spain and Britain. This exhibition focuses on human relationships and how these are depicted in the gestures, beauty and purity of the human body. In effect, Francesco’s work is the hunt of the soul.

Friday Lates until 8pm
Image: © Francisco J. Jimenez