Dust of Colours
Group Exhibition
Monday 23 - Saturday 28 November

There is much in the news about evolution of Iran and its regional and global ramifications. What is lost in this midst is the human part of the story, the part that relates to the senses, sensitivities and sensations Iranians feel and experience, individually and collectively. There are many Iranians, women in particular, who live segregated lives in Iran and in the west. They often pose and portray differing, at times competing contrasting characters and personalities as they swing places between home and abroad sometimes even confusing the two. But they are after all individuals, women, like any other anywhere with same basic instincts, inspirations, pains and hopes.

We, Four Iranian women currently residing in London, decided to get together and reach the world around us through our paintings. We are four individuals with different ages, backgrounds, characters, thoughts, life styles, notions, perspectives and purpose. But, we have one thing in common. We have all spent our lives through the good and bad, joy and agony of tumultuous times in the ever-changing Iranian mood and mode. And, we share one passion, one aspiration. We are all devoted to our artistic work and spend most of our lives with the brush and the canvas.

Our paintings are varied in shape, form and style. They represent a diverse mosaic from the conservative and mundane still life to the sensuous expressive faces and the contemporary figurative perceptions. They are, in a sense, a representation of the colorful landscape of Iranian societies within and beyond its territorial and ideological boundaries.

The View from Here
Tuesday 24 - Saturday 28 November

ViewSeven are a group of artists dedicated to the design and making of art textiles. Using a variety of media, tools and processes, we create abstract work that reflects our individual preferences. Some love colour and make dynamic, energetic, uplifting work whilst others use more subdued palettes to make quiet, contemplative, meditative pieces. Our current practice shares a common source in the sense that 'The View from Here' explores how we take our inspiration from the world around us and the world within us the external and internal landscape.

Our shared aim is to create great art for contemporary living art you can live with and enjoy.

Claire Benn, Karen Farmer, Claudia Helmer, Claire Higgott, Daline Kiff-Stott, Susie Koren and Leslie Morgan.

All seven artists will be present throughout the 2015 exhibition.

Monday 30 November - Saturday 12 December


The FPS Open is an annual event that brings over 40 FPS members and guest artists together to create an exciting and inclusive exhibition of the UK's best new and established artists. The event is open to fine artists at all stages of their career and there is no restriction of concept, style or medium.

This year will again feature the coveted Roy Rasmussen Award for best in show and will be in partnership with Wines Hungary and the Albert Kennedy Trust.


FPS is an artist lead organisation currently based at the Menier Gallery that supports and promotes artists to develop their work on their own terms. The group builds long-term relationships with artists and promotes the dialogue and exchange of ideas within the visual arts through annual exhibitions and events.

Established in 1952, FPS was originally associated with the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Arts). Founding members featured many high profile and influential artists, including Roy Rasmussen, Lyall Watson and Maurice Jadot who feature in the permanent Tate Collection.

FPS played a significant part in the establishment of abstract art in the 1950's and 60's and was the first of a number of post war movements that freed artists from the orthodoxy of rigid and purely technical judgements. This ethos continues today and we welcome applications from talented artists at all stages of their career.

Monday 14 - Saturday 19 December

The Menier Gallery presents PLACES FACES LATE NIGHTS, a group exhibition by three international artists from Germany, Switzerland and the Philippines. Three artists and friends, Kerstin Leicher, Sheen Ochavez and Fi Bunn who share a love of art without boundaries.There are no borders with art: it reaches beyond the limitations of geography, politics and emotions. The exhibition explores these personal experiences, expressed through elements of abstraction, naturalism and expressionism, through the various methods of acrylic and oil paintings and photography.

KERSIN, SHEEN and FI are delighted to be taking part in this collaborative exhibition. Although we operate in different mediums, we share a heart and love of an art without boundaries in PLACES FACES AND LATE NIGHTS.