Monday 28 July - Saturday 2 August

Alternative Lives is a showcase of selected work from a further group of talented artists, each an entrant to the first edition of the Life Framer award. The show is a thematic celebration of the diversity of life:

More beautiful photography, more incredible stories.

The display will inter-weave distinct stories, situations and characters in an inspiring way.

Friday Lates until 8pm
Nomadic Collective
Tuesday 5 - Saturday 30 August

23 artists come together to explore the power of evoking.

Artists have many purposes as they contemplate the creation of a new work. Whether on canvas, video, or in 3D, an artist might want to move, shock, comfort or appal the viewer. No matter what the intention, the unifying factor behind all works of art is the desire to connect and to evoke a complex blend of feelings, thoughts and memories.

We’re also delighted to announce late opening on Friday 29th August (to 9pm) with live music from guitarist and singer, Elena Sirett plus the acclaimed band, Doc Bowling and his Blues Professors.

And don’t miss our exclusive film premiere on Friday 15th August at 8pm. Rules of the Game is an award-winning documentary about the world’s largest game of football. One town, two goals … three miles apart.

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