Tark Butler Paintings and Prints
Tark Butler
Monday 27 April - Saturday 2 May

Most of the work here has been inspired by a recent trip to Venice, and annual train journeys to the South of France which took us through the Camargue.

I think an aspect of this work is trying to pay homage to those artists and architects whom I’ve studied over the years.

With the Venice paintings I feel I am searching more for the poetry than the overall splendour covered by so many artists: by this I mean the arches, domes, canal posts, all of which hover between cliché and mystery.

At the same time I am trying, with all my work, to pay respects to the great painters of the last century, all of whom I lectured on in my capacity as art historian.

Friday Lates until 8pm
UK Coloured Pencil Society Annual Open Exhibition
The UK Coloured Pencil Society
Tuesday 5 - Saturday 16 May

The UKCPS is committed to the promotion of excellence in the use of coloured pencil within comtemporary fine art.

The annual open exhibition is a showcase of the best work in the versatile medium, featuring both established and emerging artists.

The exhibition will include live demonstrations by leading artists in the coloured pencil field.

Image: Vela Martin, Molto Moto
Treasures of Vietnam
Hanoi Art House UK
Tuesday 5 - Saturday 9 May

Hanoi Art House UK is proud to introduce “TREASURES OF VIETNAM” exhibition to unveil some of the finest artworks from Vietnam.
This is the first time ever that works from leading figures of Vietnamese Contemporary Art come under one roof to showcase to British art lovers. Artists featured in the Exhibition include:

Vietnamese artists paint to celebrate life, their love for people and nature. Their paintings are a symphony of nature, full of life, colour and movement. They are steeped in romance, serenity and grace. There is a fusion of East (traditional) and West (modern) thus making them both familiar and mysterious at the same time.

Artworks displayed in “Treasures of Vietnam” exhibition are carefully chosen and curated by Hanoi Art House UK, coming out to shine from the land of hidden charm.

Hanoi Art House UK

Friday Lates until 8pm
The Bridge & Black Walls
Robert Gumpert
Monday 18 - Saturday 23 May

Anyone familiar with London’s Westbourne Bridge knows there’s not much of beauty there. Sadly neglected and bearing the scars of time and weather it provides a useful link to and from Little Venice or Maida Vale, but is not a bridge that gives much pause for thought.

This was not the case, however, for California-based Robert Gumpert, who for many years has been acclaimed for his bold photojournalism, which has appeared internationally in newspapers and magazines including The Guardian and Granta.

“The Bridge” is a departure from photojournalism – an exhibition of beautifully abstracted colour photographs of the characteristic patchwork of paint and rust with its strange patterns and recurring shapes, which make up the eroded fabric of the bridge. Over a period of seven years, Robert visited Paddington on each trip to the capital, building up a bank of images to work with. He enlarges and manipulates these photographs in his studio, then pairs them. The images are intriguing and arresting, with a painterly quality that makes them difficult to categorise and a mysterious beauty which evokes an immediate response.

In our metropolis, where a new building seems to hit the skyline every fortnight, these extraordinary images encapsulate the beauty that is already here. The beauty that is present in the shabby and the familiar, if we just take the time to look.

The Bridge is showing alongside Black Walls (a smaller project shot in industrial areas of San Francisco) at the Menier from May 18 – 23

Friday Lates until 8pm
Image: Westborough Bridge 2012