Eliot Siegel Fine Art Photography
Eliot Siegel
Monday 19 - Saturday 31 January

Eliot Siegel, native New Yorker, now resides in London. His work as a Fine Art photographer encompasses Urban Landscape and Portraiture as well as Classic Nude. Eliot has spent the past 12 years photographing a body of work that he calls Sex, Lies and the Single Mannequin, and is an in depth study of the relationship of shop windows and the environment. The work is centred around the amazing windows of fashionable shops and boutiques, large and small in London, and deals with Mannequins as an intrigueing sociological study, but more than documentary, these images are pure Fine Art, involving both colour and black and white imagery, as well as Polaroid Transfer techniques.

**Special Preview Day Friday 23rd January**

**Closed on Saturday 24th January**

Friday Lates until 8pm
Image: © Eliot Siegel
An Exhibition of Work By Art Academy Post Graduates and Tutors at The Menier Gallery
Monday 2 - Saturday 7 February

London, UK – ¿Progression? - Do artists get better with experience?

A new exhibition of works by Art Academy post graduates and tutors takes place at the Menier Gallery, from Tuesday 3rd February until Saturday 7th February 10am - 5pm .¿Progression? features an assemblage of artwork, from a diversity of artists at different stages of their career all of whom are questioning how their work is developing.

As Rob Pepper Vice Principal of the Art Academy puts it “Once you’ve left college Picasso’s quote that ‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up’ becomes ever more apposite. Confined to a studio you get caught in technique and repetition and forget what gave you the drive in the first place. The common thread between these artists is the desire to rekindle the childlike fire, combine it with their practice and then see whether there has been progression”

The Art Academy is proud to present ¿Progression? the second show related to their Post Graduate Programme.

Private View Tuesday 3rd February 6pm - 9pm.

Admission is free.

Friday Lates until 8pm
Image: © Art Academy
Elaine Coles, Ale Dini, Elena Garcia de la Fuente, Hildegunn Gravdal, Richard Knight, Jillian Mclaren, Nigel Moores, Shivashtie Poonwassie, Patricia Sharman, Angelika Steiger, Ann Marie Whaley, Maggie Williams
Monday 9 - Friday 27 February

Each person has their own way of understanding the World they inhabit and these 12 artists are no exception. Coming from a number of European countries, their experiences are wildly different and are full of contrasts. There is however a degree of universality throughout all of their works in the way they visually explore the World to make sense of their surroundings. The juxtaposition of disparity between the works of these 12 artists builds a great platform for visual discourse. Common themes of past vs present, concrete vs abstraction, personal vs universal are criticised, helping to assimilate the variations of humanity through artistic introspection and production.

Friday Lates until 8pm
Grave Goods
Clive & Helen Robinson
Monday 16 - Saturday 21 March

Helen and Clive have spent most of their professional lives working in the fields of psychoanalysis and psychiatry, but in this event are sharing a selection of the things they have produced in an almost lifelong involvement in writing and photography, and which have something of the quality of grave goods.

Like us all grave goods are corporeal and like us they decay and disappear, although usually they survive for somewhat longer than we do. At the time they were made they presumably had a use or meaning for the maker, but once they become grave goods they only have a meaning if they are found and then only a meaning in the mind of those who have found them.

This gives them the mysterious quality that for as long as there is the possibility that they may be found, they continue to contain the potential to evoke something in someone who may know nothing of their existence, or indeed of the feelings or ideas that will be evoked until the moment of discovery.

Friday Lates until 8pm
Image: © Clive & Helen Robinson