Works inspired by Frida Kahlo
The Artists Pool
Wednesday 3 - Wednesday 31 August

"Works inspired by Frida Kahlo", an intense and reflective selection of artworks by artists who have align their creativity by gaining inspiration from artist Frida Kahlo. Her rich and varied lust for life provides many artistic seeds for this multi-media show.

- Closed on Monday 8th/ 15th/ 22nd/ 29th August -

Pirasteh Gourang
Monday 5 - Saturday 17 September

The images in this exhibition symbolise a difficult chapter in my life. The calm and the solitude of landscapes made me question my existence. Can everything be different, can everything be changed? This visual experience is the result of my journey in search of the answers, and the way I look at the world. It gave me a deeper insight into unravelling the chaos and darkness around me. What occurred through the lens was something as complex as our universe. Images that are melancholic, compelling and inspiring.

Makers at Menier
Tuesday 6 - Saturday 10 September

Using a wide range of materials and techniques, including Ceramics Glass, Textiles, Metalwork, Jewellery and Product Design, a team of selected makers have collaborated and curated an exceptional exhibition showcasing contemporary craft and design practice from one of the UK's leading specialist universities.

Makers at Menier includes glass installation pieces from Caroline O'Connor who's work entitled "Don't you ever wonder sometimes 'bout sound and vision?" uses lyrics from legendary singer David Bowie to ponder on the abilities of dolphins to see through sound.

The body of work Memories in Landscape illustrates how ceramic artist Teresa Munn explores the use of poetry in ceramic forms to evoke personal and collective memories of human emotions in landscape.

From our younger International MA graduates, Ducks and Rooster are the touching and intriguing precious metal work of Chung-Ting Chang They look at Life's Ups and Downs and how happiness has an important position in our individual lives.

Cruising Spirits
Otto Farkas
Monday 12 - Saturday 17 September

Are you totally in control of your life or do you find it controlled by others? Are you even aware of all the ways you are controlled? What purpose does control perform? What do we do when control is taken to the extreme? What happens when control is lost?

"Cruising Spirits", examines the concept of control and its role in the potential protection from chaos through a series of paintings and installations by the Hungarian born, London based artist Otto Farkas.

Control is a persistent force present in possibly every aspect of our lives and or never truly achieved in the first place. Control impacts the individual having a profound effect on the consequential actions of an individual or group be it in the short or long term.

"Cruising Spirits" seeks to bring these elements together to drive awareness and question the concept that is control.

Visual Music
Felix Anaut
Monday 19 September - Saturday 1 October

Spanish Abstract Expressionist, Felix Anaut has developed a unique painting style he calls "Visual Music". This exhibition includes his latest series of works, and also some on which he collaborated with poet, Lemn Sissay.

Felix Anaut invited Lemn Sissay to his studio in France last year: They found they had a common bond and were able to jointly express their thoughts with images and words respectively.

Alongside the paintings, visitors will also see large scale ceramics by Felix Anaut in collaboration with the Raimundo Abio in Spain.

Monday 19 - Saturday 24 September

The exhibition SEED+SSOUL brings together nine international female artists from the Middle East, the Balkans, Turkey, United States of America, and the United Kingdom. The exhibition features works that transcend a strong connection on feminism and art and it questions current forms of social agitation, and ways in which cultural perceptions and differences are transforming, through today's feminist art. The works of art explore challenges through very raw and sincere course of exchange. They expose the vital issues affecting female members of societies and portray them through different layers of artistic and cultural investigation. SEEDS+SOUL artists use different forms of media, including their own bodies and personifications to serve as artistic statements. Aware of blooming social media and exposure that was hard to anticipate in the 1970's, when feminist art first broke through, cultural perceptions are merging around the globe. Thus women artists from the Middle East, the United States and Europe are offering an ongoing and relentless cultural exchange highlighting on how their experiences flow into their works of art along with cultural and social influence.

Participating artists: Inaya Fanis Hodeib (Lebanon), Zake Prelvukaj (Kosovo), Summer Yates (USA), Fatima Mortada (Lebanon), Marya Mohd AlQassimi (Sharjah), Annie Kourkdijan (Lebanon), Lala Meredith-Vula (UK), Ayca Koseogullari (Turkey), Jessa Leff (UK)

Curator: Nora Weller, Director of ARTUM, an internationally focused platform on Art and Cultural Heritage and founder of NW Gallery (www.nwgallery.com).

Society of Graphic Fine Art
The Drawing Society
Monday 3 - Saturday 15 October

Was it the word in the beginning, or the mark? In our species, where the visual sense is so dominant, could it be that the mark began the growth of sophistication in communications. A deer drawn upon a cave wall, but where is written "Ugh was 'ere". Still questions, yet undoubtedly drawing underpinned visual art from the beginning.

Graphic - to describe vividly, accurately - can refer to words as well as drawing, a common root, but whereas the word became everyone's, drawing remained with the few and in modern times has even been dismissed as an inhibition to free visual expression. The Society of Graphic Fine Art was founded in 1919 by major artists to encourage the skill of drawing and today it continues to promote drawing for all, as an art to admire and to practice.

This exhibition highlights the best work of current members and of artists selected from the wider public. You can see works, both figurative and abstract, that show the elegant use of line, the manipulation of shade and the use colour to enhance the underlying drawing. At the Exhibition you can also see our artists giving demonstrations.

Onstage and Backstage: The Art of a Theatre Fan
Christine Jimenez
Wednesday 19 - Saturday 22 October

A watercolour collection of caricatures by Christine Jimenez. This exhibition features the actors from Doctor Faustus, The Spoils, A View From The Bridge, Hamlet, Made In Dagenham, The Ruling Class, Kinky Boots, Book of Mormon, Urinetown, Guys and Dolls, Aladdin, Funny Girl, Miss Saigon and Les Miserables.

Jimenez has been creating artworks (mostly for the various casts of Les Miserables) for almost 14 years. She began creating portraits before the original Broadway company closed and later for the London company. A dream show from one theatre fan to another.

Monday 24 - Saturday 29 October

Extraordinarily this is one of few exhibitions where no artwork is for sale. Instead, the doors are thrown open for viewing and discussion with the artist about drawing. Xersa is Australian; her name was changed from Christine Limb when her textile design business, "Xersa Designs" became popular. Xersa has exhibited internationally and in major galleries and is ardent of supporting organizations such as Paintings in Hospitals that are focused upon personal development and environmental improvements. A thirty two page hand bound, autographed, catalogue is available at the Gallery by making a donation to Paintings in Hospitals.

"Resilience" relates to world-wide natural and non-natural events and health issues that affect us, reflecting positively on our own strength and determination to win. Xersa strips back drawing to the Zen of saying much with less. Each mark placed reveals how the artist is at that moment, adding a dimension persona to the artworks.

These figurative works on archival quality papers utilize charcoal, a medium used since ancient times augmenting references from much research into ancient art history and mythology. Charcoal has beautiful qualities looking as respectfully as finished art.