Draw 15
94th Annual Exhibition of the Society of Graphic Fine Art
Monday 5 - Saturday 17 October

The Society of Graphic Fine Art – The Drawing Society is the only national art society dedicated exclusively to drawing. Founded in 1919 in the etching class of the Central School of Arts and Crafts and boasting such alumni as Ronald Searle, Frank Brangwyn and Dame Laura Knight, today the Society promotes fine drawing skills in both traditional and contemporary media. Each year an open exhibition is held at the Menier Gallery in Southwark, and this year the 94th one, DRAW 15, with optional theme ‘Time and Space’ will run from October 5-17, with a Private View on Tuesday October 6.

98 professional artists working across all drawing and printmaking media will show 251 works ranging from figurative to non-figurative, colour to monochrome, and from etching to collage. Dr Sumi Perera RE , whose work is in Tate Britain, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Ashmolean, and the Yale Centre for British Art, is strongly featured, as is Fred Cuming RA – the youngest-ever member to be elected to the Royal Academy in 1974, and one of Britain’s best-known contemporary landscape painters. Professor Ken Howard, OBE RA, and Maz Jackson, the internationally-renowned tempera artist, will also exhibit.

The exhibition will be opened and the prizes awarded by John Huddy, owner and founder of illustration cupboard – a unique central London Art Gallery representing the most distinguished contemporary book illustrators from around the world. They will be selected by Martin Short is, a tutor at the Royal Drawing School.

Fred Clark
Monday 19 - Saturday 24 October

Fred Clark's latest exhibition is a collection of paintings from his travels through the Andalucian Mountains in May of this year. His landscapes capture the mood and the extraordinary light of this beautiful and wild part of Spain, whilst his drawings glimpse the movement and excitement of the bull ring and the feria.

Following in the footsteps of the artist David Bomberg, Fred drove in his converted van to Ronda so that he could paint directly from nature. Working with great speed and relentless energy to “get at something more than just the appearance of things”, these paintings are the culmination of a concentrated engagement with his surroundings.

This vigorous and gestural approach to painting attempts to raise the expressive potential of the painted surface beyond topography and representation, towards an embodiment of his emotional response to the landscape. Similarly, Fred’s swiftly made drawings each record his direct encounter with fleeting moments; whether explosive action or languid calm. The result is a collection of forceful and freely expressive paintings and drawings that chart Fred's stylistic journey to the edge of abstraction and record with increasing spontaneity and vibrancy, this rugged and remote corner of Southern Spain.

Artists in Public Service Exhibition 2015
The Artists in Public Service
Tuesday 20 - Saturday 24 October

The Artists in Public Service annual exhibition is a diverse and lively mix of figurative and abstract work. The exhibition is generously sponsored by the Civil Service Insurance Society (www.csis.co.uk).

Artists using mixed media have come together, to delight your eyes and encourage your imagination. From competent amateurs to those showing work around the galleries, there will be something for everyone: tactile wood sculpture; vibrant contemporary and classical paintings; and beautiful ceramics.

This exhibition gives you the opportunity to enjoy and buy original one off pieces, at affordable prices.

The Private View will be held on Tuesday 20 October at 6.00pm.

Image: (c) image by Rebecca Wheatley
J.A. Sempliner
Tuesday 27 - Saturday 31 October

MEMENTO is an exhibition of paintings by the late J.A. Sempliner together with works from his closest art allies.

Sempliner, a nonobjective artist, lived and worked Washington D.C. and New York before moving to London, where he painted for almost 20 years. Sempliner explored the interaction of colour and elements in composition to vivid effect, making paintings that are colourful, joyous and profound.

Joining the exhibition are nine living and working artists from the UK and USA who knew Sempliner well. Sculptor DH Banker brings exquisite small works in alabaster and painter Jane Bruce fine examples of portraiture. Sotirakis Charalambou, Tim Hadfield, Ian Jones, Tam Joseph, Chris Milton and Brian Wood display a fascinating range of works that challenge and reveal, while Jack Sundquist’s prints offer a new view of New York’s iconic architecture.

Ten friends: ten unique artists. This show will astonish and intrigue.

The Synergy of Sons
Monday 2 - Saturday 7 November

We would like to present to you 2 artists David Kent (British) and Lorenzo Chinnici (Italian) the first exhibition will be in Milan at The Six Inch Gallery on 29th September 2015 to 5th October 2015, and the Menier Gallery (Near London Bridge) in London from the 2nd of November until the 7th November 2015.

For this International Event titled "A Synergy of Sons" which refers to the passion of the artists' sons on the artworks of their fathers, we have been planning something a bit special, giving the possibility to combine together both the Italian and the British culture. We have been in contact with national newspapers, Croydon Council, and the Tate Gallery, Charities and lots of other outstanding Institutions that will support us.

To give you a general perspective, Lorenzo Chinnici belongs to the Italian Contemporary Art Scenario from the 1940s until now. His artistic taste, as well as being filled with the realism of the great Sicilians, amongst whom Guttuso is a representative, presents a particular scheme that, as well as recalling the suggestions of the artists of the 20th century, doesn’t neglect however, either the interior truth, nor the fantasy of his refined artistic sensibilities. The landscapes, the portraits, the figures of country folk and fishermen that he loves to scrutinize and observe in silence, are variations of the outpourings of the world from all times, from our times, from every epoch.

David Kent's art has been compared as "an English Andy Warhol" and critically acclaimed as "A surrealist Banksy"

David Kent was born in 1936, and as a teenager he loved the Pop art movement that emerged in the mid-1950s in Britain and in the late 1950s in the United States. Pop art presented a challenge to traditions of fine art by including imagery from popular culture such as advertising and news. In pop art, material is sometimes visually removed from its known context, isolated, and/or combined with unrelated material.

The concept of pop art refers not as much to the art itself as to the attitudes that led to it. Presently, David Kent, the same as Lorenzo,
suffers from an eye disorder but they still paint.

Invasion: Outrageous Abstracts and Consumerism Regenerated
Richard Hoffman
Wednesday 4 - Saturday 7 November

‘Invasion’ represents Richard Hoffman’s body of work that is playful, and underlined with subtle messages on waste, perfection and brief moments of time. The abundance of works with 100 paintings, sculptures, prints and mixed media pieces are all rooted in a generous use of colour and celebrate existence. ‘Urcheon Invasion’ is a central piece in the show incorporating 2,400 handmade micro sculptures, which will be sold throughout the show, shifting the visualization.

Richard Hoffman grew up in London influenced by the Young British Artists. The exciting solo show represents his 2 year capitalist transition from part time to full time artist having worked in the corporate world for the last decade after graduating from Central Saint Martins.

The exhibition includes a range of lively works which break down into three series, that of Configuration, Song and Consumerism. The Configuration collection focuses on engagement through colour, rather than subject matter. Some pieces are able to be altered, rather than static, for example by the use of magnets. Hoffman’s strong use of colour and semi abstract pieces is clear to see in the Song series, which are all based on single pieces of music. An exploration of the beauty of waste, in terms of reaching their end of life, is apparent in the Consumerism series. Tessellation series began with the uselessness of incomplete jigsaw puzzles, which have been provided a new life and splendour in a series of immensely detailed sculptures adorning one wall.

Invasion captures Richard Hoffman’s bold use of colour, whilst at its heart remains playful and celebratory of existence.

Image: ©Richard Hoffman
GFEST - Gaywise FESTival 2015
Monday 9 - Saturday 14 November

This year GFEST visual art exhibition returns to Menier Gallery to present South Asian LGBTQI identities under the title ASIAN FUTURE. Challenging perceptions of Asian LGBTQI identities, the exhibition offers a rare glimpse into a world where gender, sexuality and religion are defiant bedfellows. ASIAN FUTURE will feature new work by legendary artist, writer and activist Sunil Gupta, renowned for his honest portrayal of gay life around the world, including his native India where practicing homosexuality is essentially illegal. Charan Singh, a visual artist informed by years of community activism and HIV/AIDS work in India. A Delhi native, he’s currently taking a PhD in photography at London’s Royal College of Art. Manchester-based interactive artist Maya Chowdhry, in collaboration with poet Sarah Hymas, presents poetic sculptures that explore the fragility of life and anthropogenic climate change. These works are guest curated by Michael Petry. Another guest curator Simon Tarrant presents work by two London-based artists whose work contemplates gendered South Asian queer identity. Raju Rage combines film installation with image collage to question gender, sexuality and religion. Trained as a weaver, Raisa Kabir questions the politics of dress in connection to space, gender, race and sexuality.

Art critic Anna McNay will chair a debate (free entry, booking advised) on SEXUALITY AND SOUTH ASIAN IDENTITIES at Menier Gallery on the afternoon of 14 November.

Then and Now
Dorian Aroyo
Tuesday 10 - Saturday 14 November

A retrospective exhibition

For most of his painting life Aroyo has concentrated on gay activism and he has made work about how things fail – impossible objects that can only be shown as drawings, transparent masks, smothering curtains of papal encyclicals, personal heroes and drag queens as golden icons.

The realization dawned that all art actually fails to fulfill any real purpose. Since then the work has changed, always representational but still without useful purpose, aiming to delight and nourish in its depiction of the world around us as seen through his perverse and frivolous vision.

The Innocents
Laurel Holloman
Tuesday 17 - Saturday 21 November

For her first solo exhibition in London, “The Innocents”, the painter Laurel Holloman takes us on an emotional journey and an exploration of how life changes us, as we age."The Innocents" is a portraiture exhibition of women and children with subjects from 18 months to late 80s. The artist's goal is to photograph, then paint, early childhood and innocence, i.e. life without the heartbreak to the challenges of adulthood, and then contrasts it with more mature portraits. Also the show explores the female nude and the vulnerability of women in their late 30s and 40s.At these ages there is more of a history in the faces and in the body language of the subjects. The show will have certain innocence and also a certain emotional heaviness with more of the middle aged subjects, and then certain lightness with the older subjects.

The artist lives and works in Los Angeles (U.S.A.). After an acclaimed debut with her New York studio collection, TriBeCa in 2011, Laurel Holloman has had four international solo shows. Coeur Libre, exhibited in Paris in 2012. This show was followed by Free Falling during the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale. Her third solo show, All The World Inside, took place in Berlin in Spring 2013.In summer 2013, her painting Swell was picked for the group show, Nell’Acqua Capisco at the Venice Art Biennale and was chosen for the official catalogue. The Fifth Element was held in Paris in July 2014.In October 2014, the artist was invited at the International Contemporary Art Biennale in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The painting The Reach was awarded by the First prize of the Biennale in the paintings category and Laurel won the Banco Ciudad Award for the Best Work in all categories.

For her fifth solo show now in London, Laurel states "I am mostly a large-scale abstract painter, but I have been working very hard to produce a different kind of show that incorporates traditional portraiture while humanizing it with the emotion of my work. The purpose is to find the juxtaposition between the innocence of our youth and the stillness of adulthood where life has thrown us curves such as loss or grief and the memories that go with it"