IB Art & Film Show
Southbank International School
Tuesday 28 March - Saturday 1 April

Southbank International School is delighted to announce their annual IB Art & Film Show, Class 2017. Eleven Visual Arts and five Film students will be exhibiting the work produced during their two-year International Baccalaureate, Diploma program.

Throughout the exhibition, the viewer will appreciate individualistic styles and aesthetics alongside cultural and personal concepts these young artists have explored, developed and resolved through a variety of media paintings, prints, drawings, sculpture, textiles, photography, film, collage, graffiti, assemblage and installation. Our multicultural body of students are inquisitive, open minded and excellent communicators. The show intends to convey artistic intentions; we hope you enjoy.

We are very pleased with the opportunity that for the first time these final creative selections will be viewed and screened in London Bridge's prestigious Menier Gallery. It is indeed an exciting and hopefully unforgettable experience for our creative and committed young artists and proof of Southbank International School's, ongoing dedication to deliver excellence to its caring community.

Lost in the Shadows
Matthew Tate
Monday 3 - Saturday 8 April

Matthew Tate is a recent graduate of Norwich University of the Arts. He read for a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration and received a First-Class Honours in 2015. He has been Artist in Residence at King Edwards School Witley for the past two years. Lost in the Shadows is Matthew's breakout solo exhibition, and showcases a complete collection of his work so far.

Lost in the Shadows as a theme explores the ideas of coding and symbolism within art. The symbolism within these images evokes an understanding to the audience of the unspoken dialogues that occur between people. Each of the collections of artwork explore the landscape of communication design through the three mediums of illustration, printmaking and photography.

Matthew Tate invites you to leave no stone unturned; to look behind the surface of these images and find where the true meanings exist, all lost within the shadows.

Love Peace and Happiness
Wednesday 12 - Saturday 22 April

Decoration has always resisted boundaries. It speaks of cross-cultural appropriation and contamination, of mixed social and cultural histories. Its recurring motifs and patterns travel across continents and resurface in different objects, materials and spaces. It raises questions of aesthetic value from the rarefied to the kitsch and it appeals to senses beyond the visual with its dispersion into everyday environments and objects of use. Objects that might be held and touched, loved and worn, damaged and repaired.

In many of the works on show there's a push pull between surface, environment and support as the artists seek to liberate themselves from the logic of the frame. Paintings expand onto the surrounding walls and supports and patterns disperse onto domestic objects or sculptural forms within the paintings and without. There's an exuberant appeal to colour, pattern and texture.

Previous generations of artists from William Morris to the Constructivists, from the Omega Workshops to the 1960s Counterculture, have harnessed its power as a force for social change. The artists in this exhibition appear to acknowledge is the decorative's persistence as a mode of enquiry in the contemporary, which perhaps still embodies a space of endless possibility and positive promise.

Featuring Kiera Bennett, George Little, Phil Root, Anthony Banks, Nicholas Johnson, Gwennan Thomas, Nick Jensen, Fiona Curran and Jackson Sprague.

Private View 6-9pm April 11th
UK Coloured Pencil Society Open Exhibition
UK Coloured pencil Society
Tuesday 25 April - Saturday 6 May

The UK Coloured pencil society was founded in 2001 with two main aims: to promote the use of coloured pencils as a fine art medium and to support UK-based artists who use or wish to use coloured pencils in this way.

The society offers help and advice plus support via our website and online groups to anyone interested in developing their art.

As a society we are proud to use this gallery space for the third year in succession. Also during the exhibition there will be a number of society members on hand demonstrating the use of coloured pencils. For any further information please see our website.

Image: Nectarines by Ann Swan
London Potters
Monday 8 - Saturday 20 May

London Potters is a membership-based voluntary organisation providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences of people passionate about clay, as well promoting the knowledge and practice of ceramic art. [fifteen] celebrates the eclectic nature and wealth of expressions of the creative medium explored by some of our talented maker-members.

The exhibition features vibrant coloured surface decoration in the works of Ingrid Saag and Pratima Kramer. Marine life influences the intricate porcelain forms of Delfina Emmanuel and textured ceramic fish are combined in panels from Rafael Atencia. Human and mythical figures inspire the deftly modelled sculptures from Jeremy Clark, Ferri Farahmandi, Penny Green and Carol Greenaway.

Functional wheel-thrown vessels from Norman Yap, Chris Bramble and Leslie Parrott juxtapose abstract sculptural assemblages from Stathis Dimitriadis and delicate organic sculptural forms by Lesley Risby.

Nici Ruggiero's naked raku wall hangings blend seamlessly with the colours and textures of nature from emerging talent Lise Herud Braten.

Discover The One Japanese Art
Wednesday 31 May - Saturday 3 June

The One Japanese Art exhibition 2017 showcases the artwork of a selection of remarkable Japanese artists. One hundred artworks including Japanese paintings, western paintings, crafts, photographs and ink calligraphy will be presented. There will also be the chance for visitors to vote for their favourite artwork during the exhibition and the winner will be featured in a contemporary art magazine.

Opening Times: 31st May 1 - 6pm, 1st and 2nd June 11am to 6pm, 3rd June 11am to 1pm