James Otto Allen
Monday 27 October - Saturday 1 November

Lower Ground Floor Gallery

This exhibition is a presentation of oil paintings and drawings I have been working on for the last 4 years.

In 2010 I travelled though East Asia, the Americas and Europe and was inspired to try and capture each place by producing a series of drawings and paintings.

The notion of identity has always fascinated me. Technical ability I have always regarded as essential. During my time at art school it became clear that my leaning was towards portraits. Revealing the individual through portraiture. Strength of personality, dignity and wealth of character is the essence of every individual, regardless of status. The relationship between artist and subject is a dynamic one and as the layers of defense fade away the self is inevitably exposed. In avoiding the sentimental and paying attention to detail I discovered I could capture these moments of revealed truth.

As my art developed and I began to gain confidence in my technique as a painter, I began to seek inspiration on the theme of identity outside portraiture.

Friday Lates until 8pm
Image: © James Allen
Monday 27 October - Saturday 1 November

Ground Floor Gallery

International animal welfare charity FOUR PAWS takes over the ground floor of the Menier Gallery to hold a unique and powerful photographic exhibition, ‘Stray Dogs in Focus’. Showcasing a beautiful collection of photographs by renowned, London-based animal photographer Jo Sax, the exhibition reveals the struggles faced by stray and abandoned dogs across the UK, as well as providing an insight into the situation for strays in Romania.

The exhibition will also highlight the positive adoption stories which can transform the dogs’ lives, and features a variety of well-known celebrity faces photographed with their beloved rescue dogs.

‘Stray Dogs in Focus’ promises to be an absolute must-see exhibition for animal lovers and photography buffs alike.

For more information, please visit - www.four-paws.org.uk or check out the FOUR PAWS Facebook page for regular updates - www.facebook.com/FourPawsUK

Friday Lates until 8pm
Image: © Jo Sax
Paul Whitehead
Tuesday 4 - Saturday 8 November

Ground Floor Gallery

Following on from my successful London and Adelaide exhibitions, I have been busy creating new art and photographic works.

Working in oil, acrylic and watercolour whilst travelling, experimenting with and further developing my trademark ‘ink on canvas’ and more recently ‘watercolour on linen’ techniques. Many of these works will be making their first public appearance in November.

I always travel with my camera, and have gathered some fabulous material to be reproduced in frames, on board or paper for those needing to keep their art portable.
France and Tasmania feature in this exhibition but the main theme is as the name suggests ... London, inspiration around every corner.

I look forward to catching up with you at my exhibition … all welcome.

Friday Lates until 8pm
Image: © Paul Whitehead
HealthProm 30th Anniversary
Wednesday 5 - Saturday 8 November

Lower Ground Floor Gallery

HealthProm is a UK-based charity which works to ensure vulnerable children have the best start in life. By vulnerable, we mean those children whose physical, emotional, cognitive and social development is held back because of poverty, social exclusion or disability.

We focus on supporting the most vulnerable children in Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Afghanistan. We support them through strengthening families and communities, improving access to health and social services, and promoting access to education. We work with and through local partner organisations.

The exhibition celebrates HealthProm’s 30th anniversary. Photographer Ellie Kealey has visited our projects in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan to tell the story of HealthProm’s work and of those whose lives were affected by it.

Friday Lates until 8pm
Image: © Ellie Kealey