The National Society of Painters, Sculptors & Printmakers
The National Society 82nd Annual Exhibition
Tuesday 30 June - Saturday 11 July

National society is a charity with 80 artists show a wide variety of art, from modern to classical styles in three disciplines. The aim of the soiciety is give merging arts a platform to exhibit in a major London gallery.

I immigrant
Colin Mc Kenzie
Monday 13 - Saturday 18 July

"The less constructively a society responds to its own diversity the less capable it becomes of doing so. Its reluctance to respond, fuelled by the fear of encouraging division, becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy – the erosion of national cohesion is a result not of the fact of diversity but of its denial and suppression."

DBUK London
Monday 13 - Saturday 18 July

DBUK London runs various art & design related workshops and programmes - all of which encourage our aspiring designers and artists to grow and be inspired by the cultural resources in the UK.
This group exhibition is formed by eight artists who are all in different creative fields. Each artist has presented their interpretation on the theme of 'Recording' and produced artwork to illustrate the variety of things that relate to the theme. Even our life is recorded and this very moment is a part of the recording. Come and enjoy our eight artists’ recordings!

Exhibit Here's Summer Exhibition
Exhibit Here
Tuesday 28 July - Saturday 1 August

Exhibit Here is an Online Art Gallery and Curator of Pop-Up Exhibitions across London, founded by Fine Artist Leila Bibizadeh in 2013. Exhibit Here works tirelessly to provide regular exhibition opportunities throughout the year in prestigious galleries and venues. The exhibitions not only create a platform for artists to showcase their work, but they are also great networking events for meeting like minded creative's!

Exhibit Here's Summer Exhibition will be a vibrant, energetic, fresh and immersive exhibition of contemporary art, it will also be our second exhibition at the Menier Gallery this year.

Join us at the Private View to meet the artists and Leila!

Force of Nature
The Artists Pool
Monday 3 - Saturday 29 August

A form of universal energy pulsates through the natural world - seen and unseen, sensual and sexual, subtle and dramatic, creative and destructive, calming and terrifying - it shapes the world as we know it. From birth to death, every living thing is animated and moulded by the forces of nature.

By wildlife artist Dominique Salm, in support of The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT)
Monday 10 - Saturday 15 August

In celebration of World Elephant Day on Wednesday 12th August, the DSWT welcomes you to a week-long exhibition featuring a stunning collection of original pencil and red earth drawings by award-winning wildlife artist, Dominique Salm, to help raise awareness for an iconic species under threat from ivory poaching.

In this heart-warming one-off exhibition, Dominique’s remarkably naturalistic portraits focus on individual orphaned baby elephants in the care of the DSWT’s Orphans’ Project in Kenya – a pioneering programme which works to rescue, hand-raise and rehabilitate orphaned calves, giving them a second chance at life in the wild. Discover the stories of these ‘survivors’ at the Menier Gallery from 10th to 15th August.

For all artwork sales, a generous 40% will be donated to the DSWT in support of their life-saving conservation projects in Kenya.