Charles Sanderson
Monday 19 - Saturday 24 June

Charles Sanderson is a mixed media artist, working in oil, watercolour, gouache, etching, printing and occasional sculpting. The subject matter of his work ranges from people's daily routines, such as cafe scenes, to still life and landscape.

Charles was born in 1949. Growing up in Ecclestone Square. Charles split his childhood between London and the countryside, having been taught in both Winchester and Somerset. In his late teens he studied at Byam Shaw School of Art between 1967 and 1970 and was supported by the artist Ruskin Spear. Charles continued his art at Hammersmith College until 1971. During this time, he gleaned inspiration from Ken Howard's landscapes. This shaped his colour pallet to be duskier, and he worked mainly in greys and blues. However, as he grew as an artist, influenced by David Hockney's landscapes, his love for bold colours flourished. Having a passion for European art he went on to spend a year in Paris under the mentorship of a fellow artist.

At a crossroads in his life, Charles would decide whether to join the clergy or pursue his art. His paternal Grandmother, always an advocate of his work, encouraged him to practise painting and Charles continued the route of an artist. Charles still retains his love for the church and has sung in a choir for the last six years. He has sold pieces to contribute towards restorations of churches and produced a series of commissions for St Christopher's Hospice in Crystal Palace. Charles is fascinated by the everyday. People huddled over their coffees in station cafes, the hurriedness of others trying to get to their next destination. He encapsulates that in his bright Paris scenes. This is juxtaposed against his peaceful landscapes and still life, where the rushing of life comes to rest.

University of Portsmouth
Wednesday 28 - Friday 30 June

'Transient' is a photography exhibition by a collective of talented emerging artists graduating the BA (Hons) Photography course at the University of Portsmouth. It will showcase a diversity of artworks spanning a broad range genres. Each project deals with contemporary issues and topics ranging from personal and national identity, subcultures, politics, history and memory, home and migration, health, technology, sport and many more.

The choice of 'Transient' as a title for the exhibitions was connected to the meaning of the word to the artists. Transient is described as something lasting only for a short time; impermanent, as was their university experience. They are now on the threshold of a new chapter in their lives. About to embark on their journeys in pursuit of professional and personal goals.

Join them on the opening night of 'Transient' exhibition on Tuesday 27th June 6 - 8:30 pm and discuss with them the topic that interest you!

National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers 84th annual exhibition
Monday 3 - Saturday 15 July

The Menier Gallery is hosting the 84th annual exhibition of the National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers this summer. The National Society was founded in 1928 as a viable exhibiting alternative to the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and with the particular intention of being open to all styles, approaches and artistic creeds. Early membership included Moore, Gertler, Sutherland, Bomberg, Lowry and Nevinson. The Society is still non-partisan but insistent on high professional standards, and open to all who wish to show in a friendly group at a reasonable cost.

The Society is governed by a Council drawn from the membership, with a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, who stand to be replaced or re-elected every year. There are currently fifty-five members.

Now What
Monday 17 - Saturday 22 July

Now What is an exciting show of work by 40 recent graduates from BA Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts.

A response to the uncertainty and the ambition of leaving education, Now What explores the themes and ideas of precarity and fragility in the modern world; a reaction to the simultaneously daunting and exciting futures we face as young artists.

There will be a wide variety of inspiring work at the exhibition including: drawing, printmaking, painting, digitally-created images, 3D work, installation, craft and ceramics. There will also be free creative workshops for people of all ages, run by some of the exhibitors. Follow @n0wwh4t on social media for more information!

Model Men
Monday 24 July - Saturday 12 August

Physique photography and Illustration of the male nude picturing homosexuality, the law & censorship before 1967. Rare vintage prints and ephemera from 1900 to 1967, with contemporary responses by selected artists, illustrating the path to the Sexual Offences Act on July 27th 1967 curated by Guy Burch.

Reconnecting Arts
Monday 14 August - Saturday 2 September

Reconnecting Arts an artist led platform presents, TRANSITION a showcase of over 30 emerging Middle Eastern Artists reflecting on the ways transition has taken place in their life.

Ranging from fine art, calligraphy, sculpture, photography to video and installation, the artists explore topics and issues that shape the lives of Middle Eastern artists both locally and internationally. This includes the affect of urbanisation as well as displacement, the impact of balancing East and West, as well as gender roles, embracing faith and the future of the Middle East.

The exhibition showcases a diverse and refreshing selection of work that encourages dialogue about the power of connection and the complexities of change geographically, personally or artistically.